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Catching Kit: MM human/elf romance available at .99 £/$ and on Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

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Catching Kit new 600Denny is a top secret agent on a mission to protect London from Ethereal Beings – elves – who are seen as dangerous mind-reading parasites who prey on human emotions.

Kit is an elf on the run, misunderstood and persecuted by humans. When Denny catches Kit, he shatters everything Denny’s been taught about elves. He’s gorgeous and funny and claims he’s been searching a long time for a guy like Denny. He shares Denny’s secret kinks, and now Kit needs Denny’s love to survive.

And if Denny doesn’t take the elf handcuffed to his bed to jail, he’s in big, big trouble…

“I just finished Catching Kit and I LOVED it… I recommend it to anyone who likes a big strong alpha with a kink for woman’s underwear. Fantastic world building and I was drawn in immediately by Kit the elf… set in London… you’ll love it…” – bestselling m/m romance writer, RJ Scott.

“If you’re looking for something saucy with a little extra spice this novel is one to read. You’ve got all the excitement of a kinky sexual encounter between two easily pictured males and you have a great storyline.. I loved it! The story just sped right through my mind and I couldn’t put it down.” – Kyuu Satsui, Night Owl Reviews. A REVIEWERS TOP PICK!

NB: This is a slightly revised version of a previously released title. Aprox. 38,000 words long. Grab it now!