Teller of tall and short tales

About Me

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my website.  Although I am a bit of a social media recluse (sorry!) I love to connect with readers.  You can email me at and I do lurk on twitter a little – I can be found at @kayberrisford.

I recently started writing again after a two-and-a-half year hiatus. I write for myself these days. In the past, I tried very hard to please other people. I’m really proud of my back catalogue and I was lucky enough to work with amazing editors and publishers who always did their best for me. But in the end, I lost the plot, basically. I felt disconnected from who I’d become as a writer, and my creativity dried up. I honestly thought I’d never wish to create fiction again. Then in late 2016, the itch returned.  I gave writing another shot, aiming to fulfil my own fantasies once more, and remembered just how much fun writing could be.

I’m now having a fabulous time, and a BIG THANK YOU to anybody who buys my books and takes a chance on me.

What to expect from my new writing?  My favourite stories contain a ton of humour, fun and fantasy (dragons, fairies, and mermen, anyone?) equally balanced with a strong dose of angst and hurt/comfort, a heavy wad of romance, and a sprinkling of light heat, sex-wise.  So expect this unholy concoction in my 2017 books 😉

My new series, Landlocked Heart, will be out later this year.

That I’m publishing at all again is thanks to the team at Less Than Three Press in more ways than they will ever know 🙂