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Landlocked Heart Books 1 and 2 available to pre-order now!

The first two books of my Landlocked Heart series are available to pre-order now from Less Than Three Press. Yay!  Excitingly, this afternoon, I am planning the big denouement to book four (which is proving a horror to write, but I’m hoping it will pay off and that somebody somewhere will enjoy reading this saga as much as I’ve loved writing it.)

I’ve been working on Landlocked Heart for the best part of a year, and I know I’m going to miss Ben and Lyle once I’ve finally finished their tale. So, if anybody enjoys book one and wants something to tide them over ’til the second book comes out, I’ll happily take prompts for ficlets and drabbles to post here over the summer :))

To celebrate, here’s the pretty cover and blurb for book 2, which is out September 27th!


Blurb: Lyle, a merman, and Ben, his human, work together in a seaside ice-cream parlour and their life together is bliss. Or would be, if not for Ben’s constant worries about career and money, and Lyle’s dark past—a myriad of secrets, lies, wild magic, and foul deeds, which now threaten to catch up with him.

When Lyle’s merfolk family accuse him of murder, Ben and Lyle’s bond is stretched to the limit. Not only does Lyle seem unsuited to Ben’s dreams of domestic happiness, his magical powers are spinning dangerously out of control. Even Lyle isn’t entirely sure he’s innocent.

With Ben dragged deep into the enchanted processes of merfolk justice, escaping with his life—and getting home to an important job interview—is just the start of the challenge. Uncovering Lyle’s inner truths without destroying their love could be a step too far… 

Pre-order Landlocked Heart (book 2): Lyle’s Story

Pre-order Landlocked Heart (book 1): The Lonely Merman

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